Stesha Malikova “makes the brain” boyfriend

Стеша Маликова «выносит мозг» бойфренду Daughter of the famous singer shared the details of his personal life. Stesha Malikova told the fans about the relationship with the young man. It turned out that beauty is not always able to cope with negative emotions.
Стеша Маликова «выносит мозг» бойфренду

Stesha Malikova is an active user of social networks, including site anonymous questions. There she communicates with fans and tries to be candid, talking about his career, future plans and personal life. So the blonde shared with subscribers of a reaction to a quarrel with her lover.

Beauty asked a question about how she goes out of difficult situations and what to do, if you really want to “make the brain” boyfriend? The model decided not to dissemble and honestly answered the users of social networks, which often give in to emotions. During the day the answer is the stars scored more than a hundred positive ratings.

Interest in the novel successor Dmitry Malikov son of a former Tula region Governor Leonid is growing every day. Fans of the stars are constantly trying to find out at the blonde details of their Union. They consistently ask the girl how things are going with the young man and what is happening in their pair. In addition, fans of celebrities are sure that the young beauty became even sweeter with the advent of the second half.

However, Stesha trying not to overuse the joint images with a lover. Admirers of her work have noted several times how happy their favorite looks in the pictures in the company of Leni. They emphasize that the guy was very lucky to meet such a talented and educated girl.

The followers model, please it as often as possible to share secrets with them and publish posts with stories about real feelings. But the young celebrity prefers to upload a selfie or personnel working moments, than to expose my personal life. Despite this, followers believe that love inspires Stephanie to new ideas and projects. Recently, the singer took a bold clip for his own track “Hey DJ!”. She said that she wrote both words and music for new songs. Many were surprised to see an idol in an unexpected way: the actress tried on the wig-Kara bright blue colour, and also wore a huge mirror ball. Stesha Malikova has released a bold clip

Loyal fans are sure that with hard work and true love Malikova, Jr., will achieve great heights. They write daily in her microblog. “Stesha, you’re the best! Success to you on stage!”, “You are such a pair! This will help you in developing exactly! Support each other is very important”, “Never mind the negativity! Be yourself, and everything will be fine”, “You are incredible. It is indisputable!” – leave a comment Internet users.