Недавно родившая Полина Гагарина встревожила фанатов A young mother decided not to sit for a long time on maternity leave and two weeks after birth began to prepare for the concert. The actress shared a video where she sets the room on one of the new hits.

A famous singer and one of the mentors of “the Voice” Polina Gagarina – became a mother for the second time recently. April 26, the star gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named MIA. Being afraid to fall out of the creative life, the artist started rehearsals only two weeks after the long-awaited event. The singer shared in his microblog video, where she and the team prepares the room for the song “no more Drama”. In the video, the singer shows great vocal skills and well-being.

“All the holiday, may 9! Though the sky today and gloomy, but peaceful, and this is happiness! And today we first met with his beloved team and how to be rehearsed, as much as 2 hours, and this whole “eternity” for nursing moms! Catch the first live performance!” – wrote the singer in Instagram.

Fans of the young mother enthusiastically praised the return of the favorite creative activity. They noted that live performance of the song in this format is particularly valuable and wished speedy recovery of the actress on stage.

“Pauline, you’re a wonderful mother, a singer and a spiritual man! Health to you and your family! And your baby let it be like you! Wish you success in creative work! Looking forward to your release”, “How long have I waited for your return! I guess your guys were very happy to meet again and begin to work with you!”, “A wonderful mother and singer! Umnichka! Keep it up!”, “Pauline, you look fantastic for a young nursing mother of all super!”, “You mix as always on top: a true, sincere voice makes me shiver! Success to You, each hit in its own bomber” – was supported by the performer fans.

Polina Gagarina to the last hid the second pregnancy, fans were left only to guess about the interesting position of the star. Only after the birth of a child, the singer has decided to tell about the wonderful event in her life. A newborn baby became the first-born to the wife of the artist – Dmitry Iskhakov. Also, the family is raising nine-year-old Andrew – son of Polina from his first marriage.