Сводный брат Меган Макрл ставит под сомнение слова принца Гарри

In a recent interview Prince Harry for the British BBC, he said that “such a family (Royal) Megan never had.”. These words angered brother-Meghan Markle Thomas Jr., because he is sure that the actress and so great family. He believes that the words of Prince Harry shocked parents Megan.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Thomas said that what the Prince said was “a little shocking”. “It was a slight shock, because Megan had a great childhood.” says Markle Jr. “Especially for Christmas and other holidays. She celebrated Christmas in my house, in her mother’s house and my father’s house.”

Thomas added that Markle Sr., and mother Megan will be puzzled by these words, because they devoted much time to the celebration of Christmas in his family.

Half-sister Megan also commented on the words of the Prince, by leaving a message on Twitter: “she had a big family. Always. Our dad is wonderful and willing to sacrifice themselves. She lived in two houses and it was fun!”

“We have a very large and unusual family with many traditions, which I had in advance to tell Megan. I think this family Megan never had. But she remarkably coped with everything. We had a great time with my brother and Kate, chasing children. Christmas was fantastic! The whole family was very glad that Megan was celebrating with us,” said Harry in a recent interview.

Part Megan in the Christmas celebrations of the Royal family stood in doubt, because her presence would be a violation of Protocol. Kate Middleton at the time, being engaged to Prince William has not received such an invitation.

The journalists asked Harry if they’ll invite to the wedding of the Obama family, with whom the Prince’s friends. A member of the Royal family decided to keep it a secret. “I don’t know, we haven’t even approved the guest list. All can be, don’t want to ruin the surprise.” he says.

Not surprisingly, Megan attended the celebrations, after a picture of her with the Prince standing at the Queen in the office. 25 Dec Christmas day Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II delivered his annual address to the people of the British Commonwealth and the United Kingdom, where you can see the photo, standing on the table. The Queen appeared on video in a dress and Angela Kelly ivory, decorated with Swarovski crystals.