Линдси Лохан укусила змея на острове Пхукет

Recently actress Lindsay Lohan prefers to spend time in warm countries, basking in the sun and exposing the best moments in instagram. But not everything is as sweet as could be. During a hike on the island of Phuket star was bitten by a snake, what she shared with subscribers.

Линдси Лохан укусила змея на острове Пхукет

The actress is not upset about the incident. On the assurances of a local shaman, snake bite is a blessing. “I love this beautiful and amazing place. I am in Phuket, it is very beautiful. The other day I went on a hike where I was bitten by a snake. This has a positive side: I’m fine! My shaman said that the snake bite is a blessing and will bring good luck and positive energy,” tells the story of instagram Lohan.

The bite of a snake. She’ll need luck and blessings, because in native America artist waiting for unpaid debts. Lindsay hasn’t paid his bills for three years — 2010, 2014 and 2015, which the gave out fine with not a small amount. She Lohan does not call their actions as the escape and blames it all on his Manager. According to the actress, she did not know about the accumulated debt, and her Manager they did not understand.

Yet it never gained serious momentum and came to court, the actress is enjoying the Sunny days in Dubai. “Here you can really enjoy life. I’m here, I’m really happy I’m in a very good location. I love life!” gleefully informs Lindsay.

Sources say that Lohan’s great living in UAE, because there she’s a real star. In addition to recognizing the fans in Dubai, the actress is seriously considering the creation of their business outside the United States. What business exactly is still unknown, and due to accumulated debts that may be generally not possible.

Lindsay Lohan became famous as a controversial actress and never ceases to excite the public. She put in your instagram story, which was soon deleted. To her the girl confessed that he feels alost to the producer Harvey Wenstein, who was accused of a series of harassment of a sexual nature to the famous Actresses.

Despite the fact that the actress rushed to remove his story, the bright-eyed fans managed to record a video and put it on the Internet. The girl was afraid that she alone came to the defense of Harvey and this will cause a lot of negativity in her direction. In the short video, she appeared with the collected hair and a plaid shirt at home in Dubai. “Hi, this is Lindsay Lohan, I’m in Dubai at home,” says the actress with her new European accent. “I really feel sorry for Harvey Weinstein. I think that what is happening is wrong.”