Степан Меньщиков воссоединился с женой The man spent time with his wife. Stepan Menshikov decided to forgive his beloved, to arrange a holiday in honor of the birthday of his daughter. According to fans, the star of “House-2” look happy next to the ex-chosen one.

Stepan Menschikova and his wife Eugenia went in mid-September. The beloved showman said that she was tired to endure the eternal absence of a beloved and close to his infidelity. The man is sure that his wife never loved him truly.

Later Stepan and Eugene were the guests of the program “really”. The air show revealed that the pair firstborn is not a son of men’shchikova. The news shocked the showman, but he decided to continue to communicate with the boy as my own child. Now the star of “House-2” became increasingly share photos with ex-lover.

Fans suspect that Menshikov was able to forgive his wife and returned to the family. That’s the first birthday of his daughter, Stephen and Eugene decided to celebrate together.

“That was our first year of life. Now we are stomping and running around every day are filled with laughter. My extraordinary girl. Thank you for choosing me. I promise I’ll make your life a fairy tale,” wrote Eugene on Instagram.

Stepan also touching congratulated the girl in social networks. He shared several joint photos with the baby.

In honor of important family events, the couple decided to forget about past conflicts. They gave the girls massive celebration in one of capital institutions. Little Barbara and her friends were entertained, and the whole room was decorated with white and pink balloons. In the final celebration made gorgeous cake designed by individual sketch.

The birthday girl appeared at the festival in a purple dress with a fluffy skirt. Her head was adorned with fancy bezel in the color of the outfit. Netizens also said that the barbarian is incredibly similar to the father.

“Guys, be happy! You deserve it”, “Such a beautiful couple and such wonderful children. I think it’s time to forget about a quarrel and to be together,” “a Wonderful holiday! You fellows that don’t hold a grudge on each other”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the star couple.

Stepan has repeatedly admitted that he is ready to forgive his wife, but until they make the first steps towards each other. It is quite possible that after a holiday in honor of a young daughter, happy parents will be able to find a way to regain the trust in your relationship.