Talented in everything: Alexey Chumakov surprised fans hobby

Талантлив во всем: Алексей Чумаков удивил фанатов своим хобби
The singer showed than it does at night.

Photo: @alexchumakoff Instagram Alexey Chumakov

Alexey Chumakov has unveiled his hobby. It turns out that when 36-year-old actor is not busy performing, rehearsing or writing new songs, it… sculpts. He showed in the looks created by his hands monkey. Work on the bust of the animal is not yet finished, but fans are delighted with the result of the work of Alexei.

“Here is a hobby: I’m against taxidermy. Want a bust of an animal — do it yourself!” — jokes in his microblog Chumakov.

Due to the large employment of the artist is not so much time to create silicone monkey. On this bust Alex, for example, works with summer. Singer deals with this kind of creativity for the soul, but maybe in the future it will be solved and begin to carry out orders, because his work is definitely in demand. In the comments fans asked Chumakova stating the amount for which he is willing to part with his creation.

We will remind that the past year has presented to Alexey and his wife Julia Kovalchuk big surprise: the couple was born a long-awaited daughter. “My happiest year! Thank God, her husband for the appearance of our daughter is the greatest joy and new meaning in life! And do not want to write banalities, but please don’t stop dreaming, wishing on the bumazhechki under the chiming clock, and believe! To believe that all will come true! I do!” — told in new year’s eve Kovalchuk.