«СтарХит» поздравляет вас, дорогие читатели, с наступившим 2018-м Revision of our project, headed by Andrey Malakhov wish you a new year of immense happiness, happiness and highs without lows. Let Yellow Dog drives away from you all your sorrows and troubles.

Our team sincerely tells you “thanks” for consistency in the choice of news source on show business, we really appreciate your loyalty. We, in turn, promise to be even more responsive, versatile and bright. We are the staff of the project “StarHit”, whose editor is now 10 years old is Andrey Malakhov, in 2017, we will remind, the father of the beautiful Sasha. “StarHit” will continue to delight you with colorful news to report – where without them? – about the sad events, to tell about new trends, to inform about the behind the scenes of show business, to publish a gorgeous photo reports from parties and give you the opportunity to enjoy interviews with actors, singers, athletes, TV hosts…

Happy New year, dear! We wish you unforgettable nights and wonderful year. Be happy like never before. Let them trouble you bypass the party and good luck follow you closely. Health to you and all your loved ones.

Oh, and don’t forget: the latest issue of weekly magazine “StarHit” you can buy already on 8 January, the last day of the Christmas holidays.

Always your “StarHit”.