Stepan Menshikov became a father for the second time

Степан Меньщиков стал отцом во второй раз The wife of reality star gave her husband a daughter. Eugene accepts congratulations from fans. The woman reported that the birth went without complications and now she is waiting to go home.

      The wife of a former participant reality show “House-2” Stepan Menshchikova Eugene gave her husband daughter. As said the beloved star of the TV show, the girl decided to call Barbara. Now a happy mother with newborn baby feel great. Eugene reported that the birth went without any complications.

      “The miracle happened. Today at 16.20 on, we had our daughter, Barbara (weighing 4200 grams and height 52 cm). Gave birth with the help of God itself. The other day will tell you all” – shared the happy news Eugene.

      Fans were very excited about this wonderful event in the life of the couple. They are literally overwhelmed with congratulations Eugene and wished her and newborn baby health and happy life. “Congratulations on the birth of a baby. Let it grow healthy and happy the father, mother and little brother”, “Real new year miracle! Baby and mother’s health!”, “Hurrah, I congratulate you. Mommy quickly move away from the birth, and the daughter of happiness in our world. Let it grow healthy! You patience and strength”, “I Congratulate you, my dear! This is wonderful news for the health of the mother and the baby, Vanushko a whole. Stepan separately with the birth of a daughter,” wrote a follower.

      Eugene told “StarHit” about what her husband was overjoyed once he learned about her pregnancy. “Stepan has always looked after: the Breakfast, the tea poured, but now indulges me more often, suffers mood swings. Recently he scored a bouquet of wild flowers – it was very nice. We do in house chef. Most of all loves to cook soups,” said Eugene.

      In early August, Stepan Menshikov and Eugene Shamaeva formalized their relationship. Lovers quietly married in Tver registry office of Moscow. After marriage the couple went to a restaurant where together with all the guests celebrated an important event in their lives. Stepan Menshikov the friends gathered at the wedding Banquet PHOTOS. VIDEO