Сергей Трофимов переживает семейную драму Relatives of the artist are unable to resolve a difficult situation. Godson Sergey Trofimov sees his three year old son. After a divorce, the parents began to fight for the boy. One of the fights ended in a serious fight.

      Сергей Трофимов переживает семейную драму

      Singer Sergei Trofimov, known under the name trophy, is going through family drama. His godson, makeup artist Erik Indikov, was in a difficult situation. 47-year-old male and for the past nine months can not see your beloved child. However, the singer said that initially was against the marriage of his godson with beloved Olga, who is much younger than him.

      Sergey said that Eric wanted a son, and when the baby finally was born, the man was in seventh heaven. But the family idyll is destroyed by jealousy, make – up artist found the Frank conversation of his wife with another man.

      “Relatives on her side and tried his best to prevent encounters with Eric’s child. And for him it is such a joy in life and to deprive a person of happiness is wrong. Now the boy is three years”, – said the singer.

      Moreover, Trofimov told that Olga wrote a letter to his godson, supposedly on the grounds that he beat her up. Due to the fact that artist are not allowed to own child, he feels lost and empty. The artist himself admired dad of my godson.

      Сергей Трофимов переживает семейную драму

      In the Studio “Talk show” came Erik Indikov. He said that he has an incredible bond with the child. The boy loved his daddy and gave reason to be proud of – two and a half years was able to count to ten and knew a great number of verses by heart.

      Eric have I recalled that he always wanted a simple girl. Models that surrounded him by occupation, was greedy and not tuned to family life. 19-year-old Olga he bribed sincerity and incredible openness.

      “I complained about parents as her home tortured mother nearly all puts, to quickly expel from the house” – says the artist.
      Сергей Трофимов переживает семейную драму

      Eric finally glad that I met a pure and unspoiled girl. Moreover, his mother approved of the choice of the bride. The man wanted kids, but for a long time Olga could not get pregnant. Only later he found out that the reason was the abortion, which she did in 14 years.

      According to Eric, after a long awaited child was born Olga seemed to have changed. She didn’t care about his son, did not want to breast feed the baby and when he was two weeks, hired for a babysitter. Later Eric found her conversation with the dark-skinned young man with whom she shared photos of an intimate nature.

      In the Studio appeared Olga, who tried to clarify the situation. She admitted that before to take the child from her father, she is seven months did not see the baby. Without having sustained, the woman used force to take his son.

      “I drove the car with their parents. When he left the house, we came. It so happened that he rushed into the fray, and this time I took the baby from the babysitter”, – said Olga.

      However, Eric has a completely different view on this situation. According to the man, hit him on the head and began to beat feet.

      Now, the woman demands child support and 300 thousand rubles, which, she says, spent on the child. However Indikov admitted that you will not regret the money for the baby, but instead wants to see him. Mother Olga, Marina Antipova, immediately after the appearance in the Studio jumped on Eric and scratched his face. But she says that the man repeatedly raised his hand, and therefore considers it appropriate to return the favor.

      Сергей Трофимов переживает семейную драму

      Personal life darling godson Trofimova is getting better. She met a young man, who in her doted. At the end of the program, the woman announced that it is ready to make concessions and allow the father to see his son. “Let him come,” said Olga.