Стелла Маккартни отмечает свой 48-ой День рождения

Today, Friday the 13th of September, his 48th birthday, the famous British designer Stella McCartney. It is the middle and favorite daughter of the famous singer of The Beatles Paul McCartney.

Стелла Маккартни отмечает свой 48-ой День рождения

Her childhood was spent in endless travel. Famous parents toured across the country and drove for their children. In 1995, she graduated from Central College of art and design and on the final evening presented his first collection. Famous parents gave Stella all the essential amenities to become famous quickly and easily. Therefore, at the first fashion show as models were invited to Naomi Campbell, yasmin Le Bon and Kate moss, which, by the way, she lived in a single room at the College.

Already in 1997, Stella McCartney was worth the work to lead the fashion house Chloé.

She’s the first one in their collections proved that sports clothing can become part of a fashion closet and not just be used as a working uniform.

The first meaningful award dizaynershey received in 2000 from Vogue magazine, she has dedicated it to his mother, which has not been seen alive for two years. In the same year, Stella made the wedding dress for the legendary Madonna.

Stella’s mother Linda McCartney has always fought for the rights of animals, and a daughter she adopted this quality. Therefore, in his works, the designer does not use fur and skin, and also is a vegetarian.

The British designer is one of the six women in the world, which appropriated one of the major awards in the fashion industry — British Fashion Awards.

This great woman is married to a famous publisher Listitem Willis, and together they are raising four children.

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