Стефания Маликова сделала неожиданное признание о рождении брата
Why he was hiding from daughters of the surrogate mother of the baby?

Dmitry, Elena and Stefania Malikova with a newborn baby

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Dmitry Malikov’s daughter took part in the filming of “Hello Andrew!”. The singer, who in January of this year a father a second time, revealed some details of his son’s birth. For example, it became known that the musician was “hiding” the selected surrogate mother not only from the press, friends and acquaintances, but also from your daughter. Stephanie confessed: she learned that she was going to be a big sister just five days before giving birth! All nine months she was in the dark.

“My dad talked about the fact that soon the house will have another child. Of course, I was very surprised. Mother was afraid to tell me, afraid of my reaction. However, I was very happy. And then, when he saw the boy, cried. I’ve never seen such a small child. I then thought that this is the true miracle of God, he is just awesome,” said Stephanie.

Dmitry on set of the program, by the way, admitted that they finally chose for the son’s name, but to declare it all over the country is not ready. Interestingly, this choice took a lot of time, which caused misunderstanding on the part of fans Malikov. After all, the singer was waiting for the birth of his son: is he not able to determine how the call of the heir? Dmitry gave an answer to this question in the Studio: “the Name should come on its own, and thus conform to the nature of the child’s appearance. Honestly, we have almost decided, but not sure until the end!”