Располневшая Маша Малиновская оправдалась за свой внешний вид
The TV star opened his heart in front of millions of viewers.

Masha Malinovskaya

Photo: the frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

The main heroine of a new edition of the show “the Secret in a million” became Masha Malinovskaya. The TV star had to answer the most tricky questions Lera Kudryavtseva. After the program aired Malinovskaya posted in social networks publication, in which he apologized to viewers for his appearance.

“I know I look bad, and that I’m fat. I’m already working on it and at the next meeting on TV I will not disappoint you!” lived up the Hill in front of the fans. During the interview, Maria said over the past year gained 12 extra pounds. She fights them with the help of dangerous drugs for weight loss. “I’m taking an illegal drug, but not the one which you think. I ordered the special Thai diet pills. I know that it is quite dangerous for health, but willing to take the risk,” confessed Mary. Netizens discouraged Malinovsky to take drugs in a time when there are more effective and safe methods of struggle against excess weight: exercise and good nutrition.

By the way, at the filming of Maria literally turned the soul, telling about the extremely dramatic moments in his life. On criticism that he said I was too emotional, Malinovskaya said: “My sincerity, my pain and tears do not turn into the next symptom, “obviously the psyche is destroyed.” If the question about the tragic death of loved ones (and it’s just not in your eyes) did you not feel emotions and cry, it does not mean that you do not suffer from a mental disorder, but rather the opposite! Maniacs don’t feel emotion and don’t cry killing another victim. So “Chikatilo” and “armchair psychologists,” if you are not a certified specialist, I recommend not to palitsya!”