Stefaniya Malikova debuted on the big stage

Стефания Маликова дебютировала на большой сцене
Dmitry Malikov presented a performance of “Flip the game”.

Dmitry Malikov

Photo: “7 Days”

Was loud
Premier educational project of the people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Malikov —
play “Flip the game”.

And even many kilometers of traffic jams did not prevent the star friends — Christine
Orbakajte, Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Julia Nachalova, Nonna Grishaeva, Marina
Gazmanova, Angelica Agurbash, Inna Mikhailova, Elena Zakharova, and, of course, all
family Malkovich is to support the musician and the General producer of the project.

Many artists came together and was very pleased. They
the words, most clearly, in this dynamic, colorful and interesting
to present the life stories of great musicians and to introduce the world of classics is not
can in any school. It is said Dmitry Malikov: “Viewing this
the play replaces at least 10 of music.”

Opened with the play the daughter of the eminent artist Stefania Malikov, who along
with actor Ruslan by Hankishieva warmed up the audience with a DJ set. And then on
the stage began to occur miracles, and then immersing the audience in
the atmosphere of different eras and transferring from one country to another. Here
it was literally a day along with Mozart, to see the world through the eyes of Michael
Jackson, to understand the injustice of time in relation to Bach,
to feel an irreparable loss of hearing the great composer
Beethoven, admire and be inspired by Rachmaninoff’s patriotism and fortitude
Galina Vishnevskaya.

Specifically, for the production was created by the amazing beauty of the costumes.
White embroidered with stones coat of Mozart, strict and conservative Kaftan
Bach, bright and sparkly vest Jackson – every image is carefully designed and sewn
in the best traditions of a particular era. Thus, despite historical
the slope, the whole play is accompanied by modern installations that
blur the boundaries between reality and memories and help the public
fully immersed in the action.

At the premiere there was not a single empty seat. Someone came to look at
favorite artist, someone out of curiosity and interest in theatrical experimentation,
someone just on the recommendation of friends. The result was one — Dmitry Malikov turned out
to turn the mind of each and a radical change in the attitude of spectators to
classical music. The finale of the performance hall were already standing with tears in
the eyes and the applause had not ceased for several minutes.

In Moscow the play “Flip the game” will be on view 23, 24 and
On November 25 in Theater Stage.

Dj Stesha ? 24,25 in the Variety theater ?

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