Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis got into an argument over the name of the future child

Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис поссорились из-за имени будущего ребенка
The actress is due to give birth in the near future.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher

As told recently Ashton Kutcher, he
had to endure a real fight because of the name of the son, which his wife Mila kunis supposed to give birth very soon. In spite of all entreaties she refused
all the options suggested Kutcher… reported the online edition of

“I offered her a great name. “Let’s call
our son Hawkeye!” I said. But this number is not passed. Figuratively speaking, the ball
didn’t get to its gate. More precisely, the ball was hit, but she resolutely from there
knocked out!” — told a passionate football fan of Kutcher.

In short, Mila refused
to name his son in honor of the beloved hero’s wife — HOKA Pierce, a character in the film and
the series “Military field hospital MEH”, very popular in the 70s — early 80s
years. But Ashton wanted to give his son the name of the character, who worked as a surgeon in the hope that it will encourage the boy
one day become a doctor, not seek, like his parents, contend in
show business. After all, Kutcher in no case does not want his children continued
acting dynasty. He even said once: “it’s My duty to protect my daughter from

And yet, as admitted Ashton, a name for the son
already selected: as a result of more than a stormy debate, there was the option of Sweet. But what
that is, until Kutcher refused to disclose.
We recall that kunis is expecting her second child, became known in
June. And in September the couple announced that Mila is expecting a boy. Moreover, Ashton was
a little disappointed by this news. Because first, he loved it
to educate a girl. And secondly, he dreamed of a large family. And now, as
fears of Cutter, giving birth to a boy, Milo can stop and not want
to give birth to another child.