Stas’s wife Her proved that she was a “woman-bomb”

Жена Стаса Костюшкина доказала, что она «баба-бомба» The wife of popular singer strives to have a great body. For this she is ready to spend time in the gym in training. Julia has demonstrated Her hard work on yourself.

      The wife of popular musician Stas Her Julia at the end of last year became a mother for the second time. The younger son Myron was born on December 10. As soon as the doctors allowed the presenter to return to training, she happily went to the gym. It took not much time, and the young mother surprises her fans excellent physical shape after pregnancy. She posted a video which demonstrated what are the power exercises are performed to gain the perfect body.

      “And at the request of workers: I – Baba-bomb” – jokingly signed Her shots.

      Fans do not get tired to admire her perseverance in achieving their ideal forms. They asked how she was able to achieve such amazing results. Despite the fact that many celebrities rarely answer questions of subscribers, but Julia could not resist and spoke about their successes in losing weight. “Well, judge for yourself: the pregnancy is started with 70 pounds, was over – 89,5! I now 71,9, four months after giving birth,” replied Julia on numerous issues.

      A video posted by Julia Kostyushkina (@karapylka) APR 4 2016 5:46 PDT

      After this announcement the delight of fans there was no limit. “Bravo, keep it up! Next to that husband need to be in shape!”, “Incredible! Envy. Give me a kick and feel so good, and I can’t allocate time for sports. Houses do not have obtained such results”, “Julia, how have you lost weight! What a great job! Encouraging and giving inspiration! And something I was quite desperate,” praised the hard work of the subscribers Kostyushkina.

      I must say that the wife of Stas Her quickly began to form. Just two months after giving birth she shone at social events. At the ceremony “Couple of the year” Yulia and Stas Kostushkin become leading the evening. Even then, many guests could not leave unnoticed the fact that the presenter is quickly regained their usual shape.

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