The son of Dmitry Nagiyev went to the edge of the world

Сын Дмитрия Нагиева отправился на край света 26-year-old heir to celebrity launches own travel program. Cyril is engaged in the filming of this show in the heat of India, where he shares the details of the whole process with the subscribers of its “Instagram”.

      Сын Дмитрия Нагиева отправился на край света

      The son of actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev Cyril followed in the footsteps of his father. Young man for a long time toured as a DJ and participated in different projects with his father and he even hosted a television show. This time a young man starts his own show, tentatively titled “Holiday every day”.

      Shooting a pilot version of the program about travel in India held at Goa. Cyril willingly shared in his microblog photos of interesting places where it was possible to visit the crew. Recently a young man even came to my mother Alice cher.

      On the TV channel “Friday”, where Nagiyev, Jr. leads the program “Revizorro show”, in which participate representatives of hotels and restaurants, inspections are dissatisfied with the “Revizorro”, accurate predictions about the output of the program Kirill on the air not give. “Kirill Nagiev – a very talented man. Of course, if he comes to us with this pilot, if it is done efficiently, we will be happy to take his project to our channel. Moreover, our channel specializes in programs about travelling,” said the PR Director of TV channel Natalya Abramochkin.

      Spare time Kirill Nagiev spends with his girlfriend Julia Melnikova. Love travel a lot – they were in Spain, France, Bulgaria, Sochi. More recently, the Cyril and Julia even started living together. According to mutual friends, young people have many common interests, and they are very good together. To SMEU else, father Cyril Dmitry Nagiyev fully endorses the choice of his son.

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