Стешу Маликову обвинили в «блате» при поступлении в вуз The successor of the famous singer shared with the subscribers joyful news: she was enrolled in one of the prestigious institutions of the country. Most social Network users are happy for Stashu, but there were also those who believed that she got into the school fair.
Стешу Маликову обвинили в «блате» при поступлении в вуз

A few months ago, Stefania Malikov decided that I would go to study at MGIMO. To get into one of the most prestigious universities in the country, she had to work hard. Like many other graduates who have chosen a humanitarian profession, the successor Dmitry Malikov took the unified state exam in Russian language and literature. According to the girl, the second exam was very difficult. She had to read a lot of classical pieces and excerpts from some to memorize.

Now Malikova enjoy the holidays to the fall to begin classes. The girl shared a snapshot from the Italian island of Isola Bella, and the caption said that was a student. The name Stefania is the lists of students who enroll in the budget Department of the faculty of journalism.

“I finally realized that entered the University! I am incredibly happy that the great psychological suffering and immense mental efforts were not in vain! Immensely grateful to all the teachers who taught me this the hard way. I know that some of them I’ve read, and it’s very touching. Thank you for supporting loved ones. Without them I can’t do this. Never! I want to advise future seniors to make choices consciously and to choose books to pass the exam. Difficult, very,” shared a senior.

The majority of Internet users congratulated Stashu with admission, but there were also those who expressed the view that she got into a prestigious school only because parents ‘ money and connections. “Buy the exam and to enroll in MGIMO everyone can, it would be better just said nothing”, a comment left on the page Malikova. The graduate was hurt, and she decided to answer the mudslinger.

“What right do you have to say, if you don’t know anything. I marvel at people like you,” wrote Stesha.

By the way, the future student has repeatedly been criticized by peers or other students. Previously a lot of fuss about the results of her exam. We will remind, the girl told the social network about the glowing assessments for the exams. This caused a flurry of comments from users of the Network. The subscribers accused the teenager in the purchase of such a high score. Such statements are interested in the CPS, who later conducted their own testing. The scandal with the results of the exam Stasi Malikova has taken a new turn