Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!» On July 31, the artist celebrates. The pop star told “StarHit” about health problems, reluctance to lend, and the relation to the activities of his grandson. Edita also dispelled some rumors regarding the wealth and the purchase of expensive housing.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»

Today the actress celebrates its 80th anniversary. In an interview with “StarHit” she talked about how easy it is now to speak in front of thousands of people what he does in his spare time and whether she career grandson Stas Piekha and, as is his personal life. In a candid conversation popular favorite discovered some of his secrets, which previously were silent.

Edita, I want to congratulate you! Wish you all the best and health. Tell years easier to celebrate on the stage?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Thank you for your kind words. As for your question, it is probably not yet a device that would be clearly shown that it is easy, and that hard – it’s all a state of mind. Sometimes, I go out and forget everything, and the audience itself begins to sing and tells me! Last years meet me in the hall stand is a huge honor for me and it causes so many positive emotions that I forget how old I am, my name, and I just want to sing! —
Recently on the First channel you were in the program Andrei Malakhov, and got the impression that you worried about something? Or we thought?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Oh, I can’t remember. Can be focused more. Andrew because to ask such questions, unexpected and smart, which made me think over many things. But, you know, this program was filmed a long time ago, now, probably, replays showed. —
We care about your health – know all about your leg problems, back…
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»You know, I’m 80 years old – we need something to cheer for, right? So I have always stayed, and then got a little worse but nothing, I still loved, continue to perform, to bring joy to the audience. And health I do it, I go to the doctors to Western specialists, we solve problems. Recently concerned about the back – in my childhood I often fell and it does not go unnoticed.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»
Today, July 31, will look like your day, what will you do?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»To sing (laughs). I will stand and sing for the audience who come from all over Russia. Although, you know, I don’t have three hours to stand on the stage, perhaps, a little sit and sing. It is simply that the back stuck suddenly like a knife stuck there. In this case you need to have a chair to sit down and continue the concert. —
Edita, you have a large and interesting, colorful life filled with different meetings and constant communication. Tell me, is it possible friendship between singers, between the artists?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Between the artists, probably not. Because implicitly there is always the question of “who is better?” And everyone thinks: “I better!” The other thinks: “No, I’m better.” And this is a hindrance to friendship, because friendship is where there is no envy. —
At Pyekha have friends?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Yes, of course. For the most part my fans who are a little younger than me. They often write letters, call, consult with me. There is one woman, who had worked in television, she likes to call herself, but cares about me, different knits warm clothes and come to my concerts. —
You have several loved ones whom you can call your family is one of them, a woman Nina Vyacheslavovna, which for many years helps you.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Nina Vyacheslavovna from the age of 16 was a pioneer, then a counselor and then Director of the orphanage. I took her out, when she was asked to retire. But where to go if she has no one: no family, no husband, no children. I asked her to live with me and came up with spectical “the management of the house of Pyekha”. And she watches everything, records all of our actions and talks. —
Say that you do not only for its plot, but also the surroundings in your village, almost recreated the forest!
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»I the forest service has allowed to isolate a large piece of wood without building rights, where you can walk, so we take care of everything. During the siege here the defenders of Leningrad were sitting in the trenches, and after the war people began to demolish the garbage – I had to hire workers that five truckloads of garbage were taken, then we all planted trees and it’s a fine Park, which I call “Park Edita”! —
You have a lot of concerts? I heard a few years ago you wanted to have a big anniversary tour, but did not find the organizers.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»Thank God, speech is. This year there is a proposal to Bashkiria to go there I already somehow spoke, the audience was a lot – however, as always with me, until I remember the half-empty halls. Invited in September to tour the Republic – are now being prepared and make a plan. —
And office parties invited?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»I’m too old for corporate events (laughs). Because there are usually young people who can undress, and I’m old and usually sing for those who listen to my songs.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»
Many of St. Petersburg heard that Bruno Mars likes to help not only with advice or action, but and money. Often give a loan? I remember how one time joked that Alla Pugacheva floor of Moscow’s money.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»I think this is a PR as half of Moscow to lend? My mother taught that if you don’t want to have enemies, don’t let never to borrow money. I never let anyone use it, free to help – please, if I have the opportunity, always will help and will do everything in my power. And she would not ever take is enough for me, because I have two pensions: I get a pension as an artist and still receive a pension, as honorary miner of Kuzbass. —
Are you satisfied with the career of his grandson, singer Stas Pyekha?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»I little watch, but I know that he claimed that he was not a fool, performs at concerts great. Now here was invited to a concert, will still be “Singing guitar”, where Jack Bronevitsky, which is almost a relative (he is the brother of Alexander, ex-husband Piekha – Approx. Ed.)! Still not decided, one compartment or two to do, so much planned for the concert! —
Stas once consult you in terms of creativity?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»No, he’s Lithuanian, so he has a great ego. While there, lying on account of vanity, I put it wrong, he has a male stud, confidence, and many are now missing! He himself wrote poems, he is popular with the public, and it’s always inspiring artist, so it feels comfortable and it all turns out. —
If a career as Stas more or less OK, then personal life is not so good. Worried about him?
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»That’s ancient history! Natasha was very jealous of him, though, and bore him a son, and I great-grandchildren. Good girl, beautiful, but it did not happen, they now live every man for himself. Petenka – pretty boy, very pretty! And granddaughter Erica gave birth to granddaughter Vasilisa, which is four years. So I double-great-grandmother and proud of it!
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»
Recently flashed the information that your daughter, Ilona Bronevitskaya bought a flat in Moscow for a fabulous sum.
Эдита Пьеха: «Для корпоративов я уже старенькая!»It’s all nonsense! I bought a long time ago the apartment for three million on the Leningrad prospectus, and then it was bequeathed. Then I thought that was a lot of invitations from Moscow, and tired of looking at the movement, wanted his apartment, I even have meblirovana. Ilonka now it is losing it’s extra income. —
But still, I never wanted to move to Moscow?
In Moscow – never, my city of Peterburg-Leningrad.