The funeral, as the concert: the United States said goodbye to Chester Bennington from Linkin Park

Похороны, как концерт: в США простились с Честером Беннингтоном из Linkin Park

Saturday, July 29, relatives and friends of the singer of iconic rock band Linkin Park Chester Bennington spent his last journey. The funeral resembled a concert – at the entrance to the cemetery everyone was handed a wristband and a photo of the deceased, as a “ticket”.

Chester Bennington was buried a week after his death, near his home in the Botanical garden of the city of Palos-Verdes-estates, California. Funeral ceremony was held in closed format as wanted close to the famous singer. The funeral started up only relatives and close friends of Bennington, as well as those musicians with whom the singer has played and toured with.
Farewell to Bennington recalled performance. Everyone present was given a yellow bracelet on his hand and a card with a picture of the frontman of Linkin Park. It was like that Chester once again gives a concert. Only the last one.
At the funeral, the scene was set, with which everyone could say a few words about Bennington. Many colleagues came out and said kind words-memories of a musician. Also present were allowed to play songs of the band Linkin Park.
Recall, 20 July, 41-year-old Chester Bennington has committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. The legendary singer was exactly repeated the suicide of a close friend of Chris Cornell. Body star found the housekeeper. Next to the gallows Bennington was an unfinished bottle of alcohol, traces of drugs in his blood is not detected. The musician did not leave a suicide note.
By a strange coincidence, Linkin Park a few minutes after the suicide of its frontman released an official video for the new song. The video gained millions of views in a few hours. Fans felt that in this way, Bennington took leave of them.
Chester Bennington left six children from two marriages – four relatives and two adopted.