Стас Садальский рассказал о том, что скрывает Максим Галкин
The actor advised the TV host to take the example of Andrei Malakhov.

Stanislav Sadalsky and Maxim Galkin

Photo: Social Networks

Stanislav Sadalsky has announced the end of a successful career Maxim Galkin. In social networks, the actor has placed an article on that Saturday program husband of Alla Pugacheva is rapidly falling in the rankings. The Maxim of this information does not advertise, but the actor was reports, according to which the show of Andrey Malakhov “hi, Andrew!” broke in the popularity of the program of a competitor from the First channel. Sadalsky Galkin advised to begin to take some action until it was too late.

“Rating the lead in the first, the favorite of Constantine L., lower and lower… reports Sadalsky. — Well, what to say to that… Need to be improved: the old antics and Bouncing will not take place. In the old days the actors said, “Oh, and give the same candle on the phrase” that is so will jump that the whole audience gasp! Here G (Galkin — approx. ed), jumping jumps, and Malakhov to him, as to the Kremlin stars — don’t jump!”

Interestingly, not so long ago Stanislav already criticized Maxim. Then it was associated with the premiere of the show “Stars under hypnosis”. The artist called the broadcast “stupid and sad”, and presenter of the program “mediocre artist”. A little earlier he spoke of the Galkin and his colleague Julia Menshovoj as “stupid monkeys”.

Galkin suggests that Sadalsky has a long-standing resentment that expresses itself in frequent criticism and insults. In February, Maxim, commented on the conflict with the artist: “We never close not spoken. Once crossed on the set. I publications ten years ago I realized that I do not like him. But the actor continues. What do you think, in what the reason of such long-term persistence?” Fans waiting for the reaction of the presenter of the First channel to the last publication Sadalsky. Netizens suggest that the maxima will touch the comparison with Malakhov.