Стас Пьеха впервые поделился трогательным снимком сына Poetic singer congratulated the kid a happy birthday. Son Stas Pyekha Peter was two years old. The young father is pleased that the child said the word “dad”.

      Стас Пьеха впервые поделился трогательным снимком сына

      Few people know, but Stas Pyekha growing up firstborn. The singer became a father in 2014. Wife of the artist, the model from St. Petersburg Natalia Gorchakova, gave the artist’s son, who was given the name Peter. Today the baby was exactly two years. On this occasion, Stas has shared a touching photo in his microblog.

      The picture shows a young father tenderly pressed to his little son. On the face of the Stas Shine a happy smile, he closed his eyes with emotion. It is worth noting that EHA has long been engaged in poetry. Inspired by the birthday kid, the contractor came up with amazing lines that are unable to leave anyone indifferent admirer of the artist.

      “I… No… Not far… by Windows March, he ripe and fresh, and little Peter was a two-year Easy … your turn!” – the author wrote the poem. “Such a sweet picture! Like this sweetheart”, “so big already! With the birthday you, Stacey! Let it grow healthy and happy to the delight of parents”, “how Much tenderness! Congratulations, Stas, Peter, for this important milestone and you – happy daddy”, “What are you cool turned. In this photo, so much positive, tenderness, Stas, you’re a great dad. Congratulations to you,” wrote numerous fans of the singer.

      Стас Пьеха впервые поделился трогательным снимком сына

      We will remind, not so long ago, Stas Pieha told in the program “Health” on how it’s been hard to live in two cities and find the time to communicate with Peter. “He is now in St. Petersburg, I – in Moscow. I get some photos and occasionally come so far to visit. Our interaction very short while, but already I’ve been called daddy a few times. This is progress for me. I hope that when he finally moved to Moscow, I’ll take that to go in parks, squares, walk and something to tell him. To me it is very important that he talked to me a little bit. I need your feedback. I’m not a mother. Mom, perhaps on some other levels can communicate. So far, he said, “daddy”, for me it is a big breakthrough,” admitted EHA. In conversation with Elena malyshevoy Stas made a promise that will be next to his son and will not allow long separations.

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