Наоми Кемпбэл снова замечена в инвалидной коляске

She can conquer the catwalk and over two decades as one of the most beautiful models in the world, but when the issues relate to health, she is a regular person. She is Naomi Campbell, the legendary Black Panther, which yesterday was in the lenses of the paparazzi not in its best form.

The supermodel again, as six months ago in Sao Paulo, moved on a wheelchair accompanied by an attendant.
Recall that the explanation from the model of journalists and have not waited, but representative Naomi stated that it is her business.
“At the moment it is a personal matter of Naomi Campbell. The fact that she has a wheelchair – a consequence of long-standing leg injury. While no operations are included in its plans” — he said then. What kind of trauma and under what circumstances it was obtained – it is not claimed. This time we can only guess about the cause of the movement of the model on the specific.

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