Юлия Костюшкина выходит из декрета
Her spouse Stas returned to the theater.

Julia Her

Photo: Instagram

Julia gave birth to Her second son just three months ago. And already back to work! Though not on television, and on stage — on stage House music.

“I have happiness! — says Julia. Tomorrow I return to the stage in my favorite performance of Egor Druzhinin “life is Everywhere”.

Her already will be able to “get involved” in their old costumes. Indeed, for some three months Julia took off 20 pounds and got back to the weight she had before pregnancy. However, Her progress did not stop. “I want to get the perfect shape, which I haven’t had — smiling TV presenter. — She left me about 5 pounds. The second birth gave me the motivation to make your figure like this, which I had before the first pregnancy”.

By the way, in the topic “weight loss” Julia is a real Pro, because it is not just a professional dancer and fitness trainer, but also led the transfer of “I’m losing weight” on NTV. So contact the best professionals from estheticians to nutritionists were under her hand.

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