Стас Пьеха впервые показал сына
The singer celebrates 2-year anniversary of his first child.

Stas and Peter EHA

Photo: Instagram

Unlike many colleagues Stas Pieha always guarded his personal life from unnecessary attention of the public. That singer first became a father it became known already after six months after the appearance of the son of Stas to light. Today little Petya celebrates its second anniversary, and his dad for the first time he decided to show the fans his heir. He wrote a touching poem to his son: “I’m Not… near… Near…/
Windows March,he is Mature and fresh,/
And Peter little… Easily/ Passed a two-year your turn!”

By the way, about a year ago EHA wanted to retire from all social networks, calling them “mindless waste of time”. “I want very much in life to succeed: and musachio different to write, books to release and… And the time mercilessly… But for some reason God repeatedly me back together returned and the chance was given, so should I, like an idiot, to realize something, to accept and compensate for his ignorance and mistakes. And can, be removed from all social networks. That is wrong — such threads are unnecessary, empty, hostile information, a number of different energy and gigabytes of nonsense. Maybe live in the woods, on the banks of the river,” wrote Stas.

Fans talked of the singer to delete their profiles on social networks, saying that he would be upset, if will not have the opportunity to follow the life of their idol.

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