Кортни Лав помирилась с дочкой
Ex-wife of Kurt Cobain has found the strength to kick drugs.

Courtney Love with daughter Frances

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, wife untimely death
the life of the legendary musician Kurt Cobain – Courtney Love has finally managed
to restore the relationship with his only daughter Frances. Reconciliation
took place shortly before another anniversary of the death of Kurt: rocker left
life in April 1994…

In the year that Cobain committed suicide
(this is the official version of the cause of death), his little girl Frances was
just a year and eight months. Father she
of course, did not remember, and the relationship with Courtney was the girl always
it is not easy. When Francis was old enough, she said that no longer wishes to live with his mother. And when she tried to hold the power daughter, 17-year-old girl
went to court and demanded custody of her took Courtney and
got Cobain’s mom Wendy and sister Kimberly singer. In his statement
Francis explained that no longer wishes to be in the same house with mother was a drug addict.

Custody of her daughter Courtney lost. It is not
deny what really did drugs, but swore that
will. Alas, it has not helped. The court not only got rights
guardianship, but was forbidden Courtney to get closer to her daughter.

This story happened in 2009, and since
then Frances and Courtney practically did not communicate. But during this time in the life of a girl
there is a very pleasant change. She fell in love with musician Isaiah Silva and for five years met with him, trying not to attract attention. So
when she suddenly announced in September 2015, that married him, it became
a surprise for everyone — including for Courtney.

Francis, having been married with his beloved
in California, not only didn’t invite mother to the wedding, she informed her about my
marriage just after the ceremony. Courtney tried to “save face”,
saying that she willingly didn’t want to come to the celebration, but her little
who has believed. But becoming a married woman, Francis has decided to revise its
the relationship with my mom. Moreover, Courtney, as she claims, really “tied”
with drugs and now her communication with her daughter is not obstructed.

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