Андрей Гайдулян расторг помолвку после победы над раком
The former bride of actor said about their breakup.

In the life of Andrei Giulana, which fans
closely watched for a year, because he was seriously ill, just two pieces of news:
good and sad. The popular actor announced that numerous courses
chemotherapy yielded the result, and he was able to beat cancer. However, the cruel
the disease, alas, destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend Diana Ochilboy,
who helped him to fight the disease. In the fall of 2016 was
planned their wedding.

“There was no limit of my happiness — to be with you and know
what we’ve all been asked Diana to Andrew. Is the best thing that happened to
me. But something broke we won. And all that remains for us is to let go
all in infinity. I wish happiness to everyone. Fate is a bitch, and its not to beat.
Hurt. But it is for the best. Beautiful end! Anyway, we’re winners!”

Fans of Andrei in shock from the changes in his life
and really wonder how this could happen. However they faithfully
refer to any changes in the life of Giulana, especially because there is a reason for
joy: in April, he begins filming the new season of the series “Sashatanya”.

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