Алеся Кафельникова нашла утешение в объятиях нового избранника After breaking up with Nikita Novikov daughter is in love with tennis again. Ales Kafelnikov has posted an intriguing photo in which she’s hot kisses with a mysterious stranger.

      Алеся Кафельникова нашла утешение в объятиях нового избранника

      17-year-old daughter of a tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov generously shares with her followers a personal life. For the past one year subscribers Alessi followed the development of her romance with 19-year-old son of an oligarch Arkady Novikov Nikita. A romantic date, generous gifts, love the look of all this was the life of a young person as long as the spiteful critics do not have to convey to her the news that beloved is simultaneously having an affair with other girls. A few weeks ago the relationship Alessi and Nikita came to an end.

      The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with loved ones, tears, alcohol, clubs

      Apparently, the heiress of the players found solace in the arms of the new young man. His name is Ales does not advertise, but your feelings is not going to hide. So, Kafelnikov has published a picture from the photo shoot, during which she was passionately kissing a mysterious stranger. Subscribers this photo caused an extreme degree of wonder and delight at the same time.

      Алеся Кафельникова нашла утешение в объятиях нового избранника

      We will remind, recently the girl was upset because of a breakup with his, as she wrote, “my husband” Nikita Novikov. Friends that are girls have seen it blighted Metropolitan institutions with a drink resembling wine. Alesya in her eyes were tears.

      “The reason was the repeated betrayal of Nikita, one of which was made in Durand with 19-year-old Masha Morozova. Learning of this betrayal, Lesya began emptying all the bars in Moscow. But since feelings Lesya has not yet faded, she was ready to forgive him for everything, even infidelity, if only he had stayed with her,” he revealed in the social network the mystery of the sudden rupture of one of the friends of the couple.

      However, now the situation has changed. Kafelnikov seems to have recovered and regained a taste for life. In her microblog photos from chic bouquets of flowers. “Lord, I can’t understand just why me?” writes surprised girl.

      It seems that Ales indeed opens a new Chapter of his life. This points to the fact that the girl changed the image. Her blonde hair color has darkened significantly, turning blue-eyed model in a fatal beauty.

      In addition, some time ago, Kafelnikov was quoted in his microblog words of the great classic by Erich Maria Remarque. “Who waits for nothing, never be disappointed. Here’s a good rule of life. Then whatever comes afterwards will seem a pleasant surprise,” she wrote.

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