Zack Snyder wants to remove the new “300” in a new place and another time

Зак Снайдер хочет снять новых «300 спартанцев» в новом месте и в другое время

Their 50 years of American film Director, screenwriter and producer Zack Snyder has something to boast about.

The man had a hand in the creation of such paintings as “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, “Forbidden”, “300”, “man of steel”, etc.

A new picture while Snyder continues to collect millions at the box office, filmmaker thinking about how to shoot a sequel to “300”.

Zach ponders the idea of changing the place and time of events shown in the film. For example, to be transferred to the field of the American Civil war, to illuminate the battle of the Alamo, etc.

“Sequels can be, that’s for sure. I’ve been considering various incarnations of Sparta: perhaps we could devote more time to Athens. In addition, I mentioned to you his idea to move the franchise on the field of the American Civil war, to illuminate the battle of the Alamo. I have a concept about the lost Legion of Crassus in China. A great many of the conflict”, — said Snyder in an interview with the online edition of Collider.

Well, plans are plans. Meanwhile, recall that the Russian premiere of the blockbuster “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” will be held March 24. World premiere took place at some earlier time and was very successful.

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