Стас Пьеха покинул эстраду

Change requires the heart of the popular Russian singer Stas Piekha, who for several chaov ago made a shocking statement on his page in the social network. The singer admitted that he no longer will perform pop songs, as this was never his purpose in life.

“To be honest, I totally can’t sing pop, it’s never been my dream and desire..” — posted by Stas on his page in social network Instagram.
“Already half a year I write the songs concert program in a different format, a lot of flight of the guitars, a more saturated sound (General), electronics, and air, light and sound… Everything is changing as the world around me as my world view and the ambience… don’t know where it will lead. Maybe someone will run away (as two grandparents with a concert in Alushta:)) maybe someone will be surprised and bring friends (as is the case throughout the years)… Perhaps without infopolicy and applications this project failed… Hopefully we will be able prozhat the situation…” — admitted the singer.
Concluding my speech, Collins expressed confidence that the upcoming changes him very interesting and intriguing. The expectation of them, the confessions of the artist, gives him the strength to believe in yourself and the desire to fly/ride/sail… on new shows.”

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