Дмитрий Губерниев конфликтует с экс-супругой из-за ребенка Olga Bogoslovskaya said about the dispute with her ex-husband. Sports commentators have a son Misha. According to the woman, sometimes they with Dmitry Gubernieva there are serious disagreements about the education of the heir.

      Well-known sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev covering the largest sporting event in the country and abroad. His voice is known to all sports fans. In addition, the showman often leads social events with participation of stars of the first magnitude. The commentator is a lot of respect among his colleagues, but his ex-wife could not refrain from criticism of the ex-spouse.

      According to Olga Bogoslovskoi, the host often communicates with their son Michael. The mother of the child does not complain about the lack of attention from his father, however, she admits that she sometimes have disagreements with the ex-spouse.

      “Dima’s work in the first place. He really is a gifted commentator and journalist, and to the son, I thought, his hands just won’t reach. But was pleasantly surprised that it was not so. Every day he calls Misha, they are often seen. Of course, we sometimes about child swear, even sending each other to hell, but quickly reconciled,” – says Olga.

      Bogoslavskaja admits that after her divorce she managed to keep a good relationship with her ex-husband. The host continues to communicate with ex-wife for my son, who will soon turn 14 years. The ex-champion athletics, and now a commentator argues that Dmitry was a good father, you can not say about him as a husband.

      Vyacheslav Malafeev has won court against Dmitry Guberniev

      “Can’t call a perfect marriage, at least from my side. Guberniev, in contrast to the Theological (first husband of Olga – approx. ed.) is very difficult. I told him: “You are not included in the apartment, and drive a tank”. Dima had to serve, which took a tremendous amount of time, but I still had to deal with children and work. So what was left for a minute. When I realized that eating soup can only run and only from the ladle, then came the realisation that urgently need to take some crucial decisions. However, it was clear that our break should not affect the son. I was afraid that everything will turn out worse,” – said Bohoslovska in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

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