Стас Пьеха намерен серьезно изменить свою жизнь
The singer admitted that his career as a pop singer over.

Stas Pieha

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

Stas Pieha told his fans that his career as a pop singer was over. To the chagrin of fans, the actor admitted that it no longer intends to be part of the Russian platform. “To be honest, I totally can’t sing pop, it’s never been my dream, and even desire…” — he said.

However, as it turned out, the EHA did not announce the end of his musical career at all. He intends only to radically change the style of music they performed. According to 36-year-old Stas, he’s matured and wants it reflected in his music. “Already half a year I write the songs concert program in a different format, a lot of flight of the guitars, a more saturated sound (General), electronics, and air, light and sound… Everything is changing as the world around me as my world and the environment…” said Peha.

Interestingly, Stas admitted he was not sure what the result will reach its decision. “I don’t know where it will lead? Perhaps someone will run as two grandparents with a concert in Alushta, — said the singer. In any case, I want to try to realize their potential and tell their stories is a very difficult and slippery roads…”

Incidentally, it is worth noting that it was his passion for music gave him the opportunity to build a relationship with the mother of his two-year-old Petit model Natalia Gorchakova. According to him, at the time of his son’s birth was that he was still not ready for a family.

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