Тигран Кеосаян занялся пилорамой
Famous film Director tries himself in his new role.

Tigran Keosayan.”International Pilorama”

Photo: NTV

The famous film Director, actor and scriptwriter Tigran Keosayan tries to himself on an unusual assignment. He will be leading a new satirical project “the international Pilorama” on NTV channel. In Soviet times, the Central television has released the program with a similar name — “international panorama”, in which political observers quite seriously talked about the problems of “decaying West”. The new program NTV about events in the world will tell you funny, and even sarcastic.

Under fire biting comments Keosayan gets by many famous people, from journalists to political leaders: the top topics of the week suddenly turn into humorous sketches, which co-authors will be the guests of popular actors, singers, officials and athletes. “Long ago I caught myself on the fact that when I watch world news, start talking to the TV, with the leading” — says Tigran Keosayan. — I so much want all of them to say. Sometimes even show. And so, I matured. All I will say. And show, of course.”

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