Стас Пьеха сознался в увлечении эксгибиционизмом
The singer has shared “the personal” with fans.

Stas Pieha

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

Stas Pieha the other day in his microblog has made an unexpected recognition. It turns out that the singer began to notice the manifestation of narcissism and exhibitionism. This he told subscribers in the comments to one of the published photos of half-naked. “The surge of narcissism and exhibitionism in the age…” — not without irony wrote Stas under the.

However, for his fans, this revelation was hardly a “discovery”, because Piekha photos showing your figure appear regularly on his page in social networks. It should be noted that Stas is indeed in excellent physical condition, for which he fervently exercising in the gym. Each demonstration of his sporting achievements is necessarily accompanied by laudatory comments of his subscribers.

By the way, now EHA is preparing for a new stage in his life. Some time ago he told that he intends to radically change the style of music they performed. “Already half a year I write the songs concert program in a different format, a lot of flight of the guitars, a more saturated sound (General), electronics, air and light, — said Peha. — Everything changes as the world around me as my world and environment.”