The beauty of the Buryat model conquered the founders of the “Dolce&Gabbana”

Красота бурятской модели покорила основателей «Dolce&Gabbana»
Maria Antanova took part in an advertising project luxury brand.

Maria Antanova

Photo: @Instagram masha_shanti Maria Antanova

The founders of Dolce&Gabbana, Domenico and Stefano are unable to resist the beauty of new stars in the Western fashion business Mary Saltanovoj. The Italian fashion house invited the Buryat model to participate in a promotional project of the cosmetic line of the brand. Her picture, published in the microblog “Dolce&Gabbana” was the first step of Mary to the title of the official “face” of the luxury company.

Incidentally, Antanova, which received the status of the most beautiful buryatka in the world, is not new to the modeling business. Maria stormed its peaks for quite some time and, by the way, successfully. However, earlier attention Siberian beauty was entirely focused on the Asian fashion sphere.

In 2000, she went to China, where he studied the art of design, and not initially planned to become a model. In this area she was accidentally taking part in an advertising photo shoot. But after that, photos of Maria drew the attention of leading Asian modeling agencies. Despite the success, Antanova long regarded the work as a model as a hobby. Basic income it has brought the family business — delivery of furniture from China to Russia.

But then the Buryat beautiful fully immersed in the model, ignoring everything else. Photos by Maria graced the covers of the most prestigious magazines in the Asian version.

Now she is preparing to conquer the West. Participation in the advertising project “Dolce&Gabbana” is just part of her plan to achieve world fame. Some time ago, the beauty has visited Hollywood, where he managed to pass the audition for a major talent Agency. It is called the Asian Angelina Jolie, which can not fail to attract the attention of major film companies. By the way, not so long ago appeared information about the fact that Maria talks about the filming of the new project of Steven Seagal.