Елена Захарова спасает волосы
The actress admitted that she was forced to wear wigs.

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Red hair Actresses over the years have become known for
in the movie. But when Elena only
he started his career it was the brunette, the blonde, twisting the strands on Curling
and put the dryer, causing thin wavy hair was severely damaged. “Someone
fixated on the face, but for me it is the hair is a different story,” admits

It all began when she studied at the Shchukin school.
After the first year she was invited to play one of the leading roles in the movie “the Orphanage
comedians.” Of course, Elena said: interesting plot, and what partners!
Lydia Smirnova, Ivan Okhlobystin… “Decided that my character should be
a brunette and me about five times almost in a row, painted black, —
says the actress. — A couple of months again when classes began in
the Institute, everyone gasped, “Where our red-headed colt? Immediately to the hairdresser!”.
I went first to clear, and then return its color. And then, in
the mid-nineties, the paint was terrible. And after some time away from my red
stacks of little left. It was a shame to tears!”

Recovery was not easy. In her free time, Elena studied innovations
able to help you. And on the set of meekly wore wigs, just not to spoil
hair. Today, in her Arsenal and folk remedies, and salon care. “Sometimes doing
hair mask overnight coconut oil that I bring from Thailand. Or do
the mask on the night of burdock oil. Can and just after shampooing, RUB it
for an hour, but not in roots, is easier to comb,” says the actress. What
for salon services, the most favorite treatment — a seven-step Spa care
which Elena finds happiness of hair. The master washes his head and alternately
deals on hair restorative emulsion and mask with lipids. It takes a lot
time, but strands become more dense and shiny.

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