Brad pitt does not intend to give children angelina Jolie

Брэд Питт не намерен отдавать детей Анджелине Джоли
Battle of the ex-spouses for custody would be cruel.

Брэд Питт не намерен отдавать детей Анджелине Джоли

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: legion-media

As told to a reporter of the website TMZ one of the friends brad pitt, who is now in the process of divorce with Angelina Jolie, the actor is not going
to surrender without a fight. Although Angelina in his divorce papers demanded
sole physical child custody, and intends to restrict participation in Pitta
their life only right to visit, brad is determined to achieve the adoption by the court
another solution.

Angelina pitt directly accused that he was
children of a bad father and abused alcohol and drugs. However, Brad
believes that Jolie is clearly not the world’s best mother. Because of her frequent nervous breakdowns
could not affect the psyche of children. Moreover, pitt believes that
launching a public divorce, Jolie has put the normal life of children at risk. After all, since, as
information on divorce was leaked to the media, the whole family was bound
to be under the supervision of the annoying paparazzi.

And in this pitt, of course, was right. Already
yesterday, reporters flooded the neighborhood house of Angelina and brad in Los Angeles.
And to protect the family from the intrusion of the press, the mansion was pulled
large police forces. Apparently, have to leave here
permanent post for the protection of the star of the family. And children in this situation will
obviously uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, in a cruel twist of fate, the main
the motive of divorce, as the lawyer said, ” was that concern for the physical and
psychological well-being of six children of the couple. Because his wife allegedly
constantly argued over their methods of education. And the main “stone
sticking” in the relationship of Angelina and brad of course was the awl, the eldest of
three biological children of the couple. The fact that from a very early age
the girl said that she feels
himself a boy and refused to wear girly clothes. Jolie treated
this is quite condescending, thinking that the awl then go when
grow up. But pitt, who was always inclined to a more austere upbringing,
constantly resented the position his wife and tried hard to hold the line
behavior. And it finally destroyed the already complicated relationship

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie with children