Stas Mikhailov will not allow children on the show “the Voice”

Стас Михайлов не пускает детей на шоу «Голос» The artist explained his negative attitude towards the project, which are competing very young performers. According to Mikhailov, these programs can hurt a fledgling psyche. Therefore, Stas forbade heirs to participate in music programs.

In late December, Stas Mikhailov will hold its traditional “national corporate party”. In anticipation of the big event, the artist gave an interview in which not only shared details of the upcoming concert, but also revealed the secrets of raising children.

According to Mikhailov, it does not prohibit the heirs to watch TV. The artist noted that those versed in the gadgets are much better than him. On the question of whether or he raised a hand to the child, the contractor replied in the negative.

“You can make a comment. When it goes into a tantrum, rolling on the floor – it must stop. And things like that when you was a child once, I strictly said, “Everything!” On this end,” shared the singer.

The heirs of the artist received offers to participate in television shows, in particular, in the children’s “Voice”. But Mikhailov do not let them program. The artist explained its attitude to such vocal competitions. According to Stas, the draft can hurt aspiring artists with a fragile psyche.

“There were offers. Children’s Voice, for example. I’m against it. This breaks the psyche. Tell the child in seven years you’re a star, and then project it will be difficult to explain that life can be different. I am against that and in modeling the children were using. Girls in General need to be educated so that they understood that she should marry once and forever,” – said the artist.

The youngest daughter Mikhailov, five year old Mary, not yet wants to go in his father’s footsteps. She went to the school of figure skating Evgeni Plushenko. The girl enjoys there little more than a month. According to Stas, he is not going to grow out of the child is an Olympic champion. Mikhailov believes that helps Masha to show themselves.

“I don’t understand when parents give the child, as was standard in the USSR, the piano or the accordion, even if the child does not want to” – quoted by the star newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

By the way, Joseph Kobzon also forbade her grandchildren to participate in such programs. Previously, the artist spoke negatively about the project “the Voice” – and child, and adult. In recognition of Kobzon, he didn’t like what the participants “do not sing original, APE and parody other artists”. Iosif Kobzon was banned from grandchildren to participate in “the Voice”