Стас Михайлов устроил маленькой наследнице королевский праздник The singer and his wife ina Masha has organized a party in honor of his birthday. Daughter of Stas Mikhailov noted the four years in the company of stars. The chief guest of the event was Philip, who had in Wednesday evening in three places.

      On the eve of the feast of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, Stas and Inna Mikhailov gave a party in honor of the birthday of the youngest daughter Mary. The girl was four years old. Parents prepared for the little heiress to a lot of surprises.

      In the morning the Mikhailov family attended a Church service where Mary stood near the priest and was holding a lit candle. The girl’s head was covered by a light shawl. In the evening, the birthday girl appeared at the festival in his honor in a beautiful pink dress with a fluffy skirt. Her older sister Ivanna chose a sparkling dress with a Golden sheen. The girls mother Inna instilling them with a sense of style from early childhood. Images daughters Mikhailov praised not only fans, but also famous designers. Stefano Gabbana admired the style of the daughters of Stas Mikhailov

      The hall in which it took place, was decorated with roses of pastel shades. To congratulate a four year old Masha came star colleagues Stas Mikhailov: Ani Lorak with her daughter Sophia and Philip Kirkorov with children. Says Inna Mikhailova, Maria fell in love with the pop king of Russian pop stars. This evening the popular singer has had time to assess the new film by Alexei Mizgireva “the Duelist” and imagine the aroma of “I”.

      “It started this crazy environment with a wonderful children’s holiday, the day of the birth of a daughter Masha, my friend and colleague – Stas Mikhailov and his beautiful wife ina, which met all the beautiful moms with children at the head with his beloved Ani and IDA Dustman! My Alla-Victoria and Martin liked it very much! Thank you! Happiness and health! From my heart!” – shared his impressions of the book in the social network.

      In the midst of the evening began paper confetti. Stas Mihaylov picked up the younger girl’s hands and began to dance with her under the hit Irina Allegrova “happy birthday”. Next danced puppets that portrayed characters from famous cartoons. The video was shared by the grandmother of the birthday girl Lyubov Leonidovna.

      Fans joined in the congratulations star parents and left on social networks for the nice comments Mary. “Happy birthday baby! Good luck and health!”, “We congratulate Moshulu, this Holy and beloved child happy birthday! Health, happiness, baby, and family well-being parents!”, “Happy birthday Mashenka congratulations! Good health to her! Happiness! May all her dreams come true!” – wrote followers Inna and Stas.