Natalia gulkin about leaving the group “Mirage”, “It was treason”

Наталья Гулькина об уходе из группы «Мираж»: «Это было предательство» The singer recalled the unpleasant events of his career. In conversation with Yulia Menshovoj Natalia gulkin told about how she left the women’s team. According to star, it just “kicked” from the group.

      Наталья Гулькина об уходе из группы «Мираж»: «Это было предательство»

      Natalia gulkin was so popular in the 90 years that her songs sang the whole country, music critics have compared the striking singer Alla Pugacheva and Irina Allegrova. But the real fame singer brought her career in the pop group “Mirage”. She got the team acquainted with him Lithium. The producer was looking for a replacement Margarita Suhankina, who left to work solo.

      “He tried to reach out to me, asked me to come and listen to the recorded repertoire, and I in any. I was afraid that he pursues absolutely other interests,” said gulkin in the program “Alone with all” on the first vpechatleniyah from acquaintance with the composer.

      However, in 1986, Natalia still joined the team. It is her voice heard in the songs “summer sunshine”, “Mad world”, “I don’t want”, “Electricity”, “Magical world”. However, after years of work in the “Mirage,” she started to have problems. In the broadcast transmission gulkin openly talked about his departure from the team.

      “It was a betrayal. It was a betrayal of those people who are in a difficult moment of their life you a helping hand. Then, when people, to put it mildly, stood up, got stronger, they said, “Thank you, we don’t need you anymore”. I just got kicked out of the team survived. And survived for a long time, ” said gulkin.

      According to the pop diva of the 90s, she tried to negotiate with colleagues. Together they decided how to explain to reporters on her departure from the group. Gulkin was to speak for another 15 concerts, but in the media published an article in which it “roll the roller”. “I believe that I was unjustly wronged,” – said Natalia. After such events the performer silently left the group, however, it provoked a flurry of negativity in her address. They did not react to such criticism. “If you’re doing it wrong, then you come back like a boomerang,” – said the star.

      In 2011, the place Natalia in “Mirage” won Svetlana Razin and Natalia was forbidden to sing group song. Exactly the same situation recently happened to her former colleague Margaret Suhankina. Litjagin refused to take the singer on a European tour, but his representatives said that the woman can no longer use the material written by the composer. Ex-husband forbade Margarita Suhankina to sing songs from “Mirage”