Russian voice Jolie: her hatred to her husband in the movie was not a game

Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

Actress Olga Zubkov shared his opinion about divorce of star pair and spoke about his experience in overcoming family crises.

– Olga, how many years have you been married?
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

We married with her husband for nearly 25 years, and have lived together for almost 27.

Is a whole life! Did you in connection with your profession and employment setbacks in the marriage relationship?
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

— Our family with her husband Alex (Alexey Annenkov, theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan – approx. Woman’s Day) were built in the early 90s. All the crises we’ve been through a lot together, went through our family, had an effect on the relationship. It’s hard when you’ve been in the pocket. 13 rubles for bread, and the nearest salary was day two or three. What is the soup of canned foods and bouillon cubes we know and have gone through it. But the most important thing that should be kept in the family, especially in such moments, it’s a mad respect. Because we believe, together with her husband. The passion, the carnal consolation of it all eventually passes. But the main question that needs to answer for themselves: “whether you Want to grow old with this person?” And if the answer is “Yes”, then no difficulties are not terrible. Did you want to divorce? Yes, every time after a quarrel. But it was all so small compared to the perks of life that existed that this was immediately forgotten. Of course we fight, of course, drama. But with all this not getting along so to completely break the connection with each other, I do not remember. We have two wonderful children, and even children and can hold. When your family are satisfied, you come home and feel the comfort and coziness, which was jointly created over many years, I think no obstacles and difficulties, the crises in the country can’t do anything differently. Another thing is that our family was under construction when we were both young and it all held together. The fingers can be counted couples who met in a rather Mature age, and lasted a long time. Harmony usually ends in ten or fifteen years of marriage. And Angelina and brad met with the current habits and attitude towards life. I do not understand why they needed the stamp in the passport. They had a wonderful life for ten years. Why are they forced each other to cement relationships, to two years later to divorce a mystery to me. Maybe I shouldn’t have to do it, and just had to live with each other as they did before.

Brad said his children are disobedient, that home is hell, but hell he can’t live. And for you children to become the next test?
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

“Life changes dramatically. If a woman was used to it for nine months, then for men is a gift from heaven. And time to assess their paternity. Happened to me understand that. depression. For my husband it was unbearable as I could from scratch to create a scandal. Then I was ashamed, I realized that I’m freaking out over nothing, but unfortunately, nature is female, and we are not always able to avoid it. In the case of Angelina and brad with the advent of children was formed from a big family. And all conflict with each other, with kids, unlearned lessons, disobedience, everything escalated. Someone one in this situation has become the main. It’s possible that brad had to be gentle. If a woman does not calm down and she always think that it is not so, the children got, the husband can not cope with them and pays no attention to it, and Jolie one cares about the house, in this case, the rescue only to compromise, and interest in each other. Then no conflict will bring a couple out.

When we voiced them in the final film “Cote d’azur”, I noticed one important detail. Though Angelina said that the script was written on the relationship of the mother and father, she acted on the set like Angelina Jolie. She played the role of his mother, played no relations to brad, it was me. Sometimes her gestures, words, facial expressions were very eloquent. Her anger, hatred for her husband was real. Can’t the actress playing the role, to be so cruel. Even then, it was possible to notice the dissension between them, despite the fact that the actors were filmed together.

– Olga, what is your character? Who in your family leader?
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

– In relation to the life of the husband. It is softer, he is the man who is always in our family finds a compromise. I have always been a blast. First misbehaved, then I need some time to think, and then agree with her husband. But the flare up I need and the husband has for 25 years used to it. He gives me this opportunity. But for all these years, Alex taught me how to be softer. And I really have changed. Because when you know how to treat the man who is dear to you, begin to think and to be afraid to cause your partner pain. When you miss through itself its state, it changes things. You become kinder and better. But soft and kind in our family always remains our father.

– How do you manage to resolve the conflicts?
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

The first ten to fifteen years, Alex always went to meet the first. He did not hesitate and did not consider it shameful to ask for forgiveness. It is important for a woman, even when she is guilty and the man knows this: if you blame the woman come first and apologize to her. He softened the situation, but did it so much that I understood I was wrong. It made me ashamed, and the conflict was settled immediately. I’m not a stupid woman and know what dust, if you put this on yourself. Yes, you’re pouting, but it is. Then for some period of time he is tired, and he gave me the opportunity in his quiet behavior, silence, to think over the situation, to understand. And then I learned to say “sorry” first. Now I can easily go for it because I can’t imagine a situation that could tear us apart. Whatever happens in the family, you think mainly on the fact how many people you will make miserable. Yes, at some time, you’ll be happy with the fact that, for example, will find another partner, or a new marriage, but how many people will be unhappy! On the other hand, is not the same age and not the period when you can change something. I won’t be able to wash other people’s socks.

One of the astrologers suggested that Angelina Jolie zodiac sign – the fire and lives passions. And if she doesn’t have them, you can create a similar situation artificially.
Русский голос Джоли: ее ненависть к мужу в кино не была игрой

I can agree with that. My husband and zodiac signs generally do not approach each other: I – explosive Gemini, her husband – a quiet and peaceful Fish. Many said that our marriage was doomed to failure, because we are different. Don’t know what happened in life, but we have over 25 years deny this incompatibility. There are people who in life always need a conflict situation. They come up, then filled with energy and calm. But I don’t think brad pitt is as calm as my husband. He’s a star, explosive by nature, he came to Jolie already taken place. He probably at some point something bothered. And then her painful pallor, thinness became an occasion of talk in the family on the theme: “Angelina, what are you doing?!” She can’t cope with this situation, and at some point he gave her a condition: “Either you stop it is disgusting to treat your health problem is solved in another way. To reside in the family of a woman who may be mentally unbalanced, he might get bored. After a negative health impact, primarily on the psyche.

– If they are both explosive, how to build family life, to not break the difficulty of the characters and keep interest in each other for many years.

The first thing we did with the husband in such a situation, have stopped working in one place. When he worked side by side in the theatre, to hear in the theater about the theater, about home theater, with friends from the theater, it was hard. We understand that relationships can get bogged down because we have nothing to share. It’s terrible when you know that the husband is at work, he knows what is going on in your day, and then tell each other nothing. When her husband left to work in the theater, and I went on television, voice-over, things went differently. Our life has changed dramatically, there was a mutual interest in the everyday life of each other. I don’t know why Angelina has filed first for divorce. It is possible that it is a way to show the world that she was right and man was wrong. But sometimes this is not so. We don’t know for certain the situation in the family, but they are public people. Their whole life was on display, and they were not able to avoid it. And it was interesting, they really fit to each other. Will follow, than to end this madness, but I will say that I am very, very sorry pair. It was a beautiful story, and sad that it ended like that.