Stas Kostyushkin an affair with the singer

Стас Костюшкин изменяет жене с певицей The artist has confessed in the pages of microblog. According to Stas Kostyushkin, he stripped down during the filming of the video of Maria MIA. The man ran in Moscow, hiding from an angry predpolagaemoj chosen.

Singer Stas Kostyushkin was seen in the center of Moscow with another woman. This conclusion was made by the artist’s fans after his outspoken posts on the social network. The man posted the picture in shorts, the signature to which he admitted infidelity wife Julia. Judging by the playful tone of the stars, is it did not bother.

“Cheating on your wife , jump out of the window , in short, a simple role,” explained the artist.

When Stas began to reveal the details, it turned out that he got the role in a new music video Maria MIA, the shooting of which go in the center of Moscow for a second day. Apparently, in the video Kostyushkin will appear in the role of hero-lover, who is forced to flee with his shirt open and trousers. “All Myasnitskaya street, saw me without pants,” joked the singer.

In turn, the main character of the video, Maria MIA actively shared photos from backstage in his microblog. She will appear in a new video in powdery costume and also to wear and elegant red dress. Presumably, Kostyushkin will appear in a white shirt and simple pants.

“Mashuni, impressions – weight! Thank you! This, of course, a great job! For beautiful clip in three or four minutes, is incredible work! You are a big workaholic!”, “Bold! When you are healthy, don’t notice happiness when you’re sick, appreciate life! Strength to you! Patience! And, of course, victory! The victory over the weakness and sickness,” wrote the enthusiastic followers.

Recall that some time ago, Maria MIA confessed that she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. Despite a disappointing diagnosis, the singer hoped for the best. Besides, doctors believe that it is time to start addressing the problem. In the difficult struggle to support her family and lover.

Maria MIA: “a couple of years, and they’d metastases”

“Promise that I will recover because the illness is recognized in time. A couple of years, and they’d metastases. At the end of April, after the second chemotherapy, I will lose hair, it is inevitable. But I am glad that the prognosis is good, although at first, the experts doubted it because I didn’t understand what and how”, said Maria in an interview with “StarHit”.