Alla Pugacheva is preparing to travel with children

Алла Пугачева готовится к путешествию с детьми Diva plans to relax in Jurmala together with loved ones. Alla is going to give the heirs a charming trip to the Baltic coast. Like last year, the star intends to stay in a luxurious Villa “Marta”.

As it became known “StarHit”, Alla Pugacheva is preparing a little surprise for Harry and Lisa. Diva is planning to go to Jurmala in the summer and will take adorable children. Alla decided to stop again at one of the most expensive villas on the Baltic coast. In a beautiful mansion has everything you need for a comfortable stay celebrity and her heirs – pool, tennis courts, winter garden, cinema room, orangery with a bamboo grove, a bathhouse and a library. The area of the property is 2500 square meters.

It is possible that Alla is going to visit his colleague Lima Vajkule. From 20 to 23 July, a famous actress is once again organizing the next festival “Rendezvous”, which will bring together the stars of show business. Last year it was visited by the husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin. In addition to the showman, at the high-profile event was Soso Pavliashvili, Alexander Buinov, Lolita, Vladimir Vinokur, Yulia Proskuryakova, Edyta piecha, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, and many others.

Last year, the Diva appeared at the festival. Singer stayed home with the children, as during the conversation with reporters said her husband Maxim Galkin. According to the artist, they had no one to leave the charming Lisa and Harry. Those had a wonderful time in the company of his beloved mother, who doted in the pretty heirs.

By the way, while on vacation in Jurmala, Galkin sharing touching the daughter, who created a furor in the Network. In the pictures that caused the emotion among Internet users, girl posing in bright clothes. Her head is decorated with a lush wreath of flowers. “In Latvia today is the national holiday – Midsummer,” wrote the showman on his page in Instagram.

To protect the stay at the resort, Alla then used the services of a private security company. Five security guards were on duty almost around the clock on-site luxury Villa in peace the star of the family. However, the city celebrity sometimes walked without an escort. Locals told the “StarHit” that Galkin regularly rode a Bicycle. “Stopped in the center, asked a photo for memory, and he hand shows: “I’m in a hurry, there’s my kids to go to them food!” Turn my head – really, a boy with a girl and two nannies from the Park “Legend” on the coast heading our way” – shared Lana Kocher, the owner of a local opticians.