Стас Костюшкин рассказал об изнасиловании в детском возрасте

The guest of Ukrainian TV-show “Morning with Ukraine” became famous Russian singer Stas kostushkin, a former member of the group “Chai vdvoem”. During the interview, the singer told the shocking trauma: when he was eight years old, he was raped.

The crime happened in 1979, on the territory of one of the factories, where Stas with friends went for a walk. On the way they got the older boys who began to threaten the children by killing their relatives. Kostushkin was frightened and could not escape. Boys were raped by perverts, and the parents agreed not to say anything. Stas says, that they were afraid and didn’t really understand what happened to them.
“I was not aware of what happened to us, didn’t understand why they need it” — said the singer.
But even now, many years after the incident, the Stas cannot forget what happened. He believes that psychological trauma in childhood has left an indelible imprint on his life.

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