Алкоголь разрушает жизнь звезды «Гарри Поттера»

Our favorite childhood heroes are gradually turning into alcoholics…as awful As it sounds, but the actor, who became famous thanks to his participation in the filming of the franchise “Harry Potter” is now experiencing not the best moment in my life and career. Rupert Grint has faced big competition and lack of demand, which decided to “treat” of alcohol.

Recently the paparazzi caught the red-haired star on the way out of the hotel in a very inappropriate way — dirty, unkempt hair, huge dark circles under his eyes and unkempt, sometimes torn clothing. Moreover, according to the media, Grint, barely keeping on his feet — he seems to have been in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

not to say that in recent times green often appears in this form in public, which is very sad as his friends and loved ones, and fans.

Guessing others may be truthful. For example, Rupert recently failed the audition for the role in the movie “Eddie “the eagle”. Probably, these samples are the latest in a series of career setbacks Rupert. Since then, Grint, pretty abuse alcohol and rarely leaves the house, being in severe depression.

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