В ARTPLAY откроется интерактивное космическое пространство «Sолярис»

March 25, 2016 in the ARTPLAY design center will begin work a unique platform with many high-tech installations on the theme of space.

The organizer of the space – the company iVision in 2014 for the first time in Russia presented a multimedia project “van Gogh. Revived paintings”, opening the new format of art exhibitions, which quickly gained wide popularity in our country.

“Alaris” – new project of the company iVision, created not only with the aim to expand the scope of multimedia exhibitions, but also enrich “edutainment” format with modern technologies. In the work on the project involved leading developers of virtual reality, best Russian mediahotline, professional decorators and Directors.

Space as infinity

Fascinating installation “Alaris” will tell about the most interesting phenomena in the universe, will take in the starry infinity and helps you see yourself in the universe. Visitors will be able to hear their voice heard on Mars and Venus, and also to look at the moon, thanks to the attraction “Marsinator”.

The earth as part of the cosmos

Thanks to modern projection technology, visitors “Alaris” will have the opportunity to walk on boiling lava of volcanoes that changed the face of the Earth many years ago, and also to see the evolution of life on Earth through the prism of exciting video installations from iconic Russian mediahudozhnichat.

Space as fantasy

Installation on the theme of the mysterious cosmic phenomenon of “Black hole” takes visitors beyond the horizon explored. Once inside, everyone will feel the breaking of space and time.

Space as a virtual reality

In the command tower “Alaris” are rides that will allow anyone to make a cosmic journey through virtual reality helmets Oculus Rift.

The cosmos as a vast knowledge

Also specially for the project “Alaris” company iVision has created a sci-Fi multimedia show, “Secrets of the cosmos. A journey through time”. The video was demonstrated on huge screens in the panorama 180 degrees.

The big Bang, the birth of the Sun, a clash of Fairies of Earth, fly to the borders of the milky way, the colonization of Mars are the main points of travel in time and space, during which visitors will see breathtaking special effects and beautiful space.

Where: ARTPLAY design Center, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, p. 3, 6th floor

When: 25 March 2016.

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