Новый iPhone SE: он стал дешевле!

Interestingly, the new product costs less than the popular model 6S.

Rosy “six” with a large screen and live photographs ceased to be trendy and modern. She has a competitor. Apple unveiled the long – awaited novelty-SE iPhone: smaller, but not inferior in characteristics…

And rightly so! Beginning with the launch of the 6th version many, especially men, complained about the size of the gadget. The new version should satisfy everyone. Apple rolled back the dimensions, the new model SE comfortable 4-inch screen, flagship hardware, cool design, loved by many fans of the five.

In addition, Apple says that SE is not the budget line of the previous model (as was with the iPhone 5C), but a full-fledged product. One of the arguments: iPhone SE got the same chipset that is installed in the flagship iPhone 6S. This means that the SE performance of iPhone and iPhone 6S is level and smooth, for example in games is the same.

As for the iPhone 5S, the Apple A7 processor is twice slower than the A9 chipset Apple installed in the iPhone SE. In addition, SE iPhone, and iPhone 6S have 2 GB of RAM that allows you to quickly switch between applications and run more of them simultaneously. And not hangs.

And the camera, is told in the company, the phone will not be worse than “big brother”. And this is one of the main reasons why girls choose this smartphone. Continue and the chip, when the photo remembers and reproduces a second motion at the time of shooting.

The new model will be released in two versions – 16 GB and 64 GB. And this is perhaps the main difference. Traditional “six” offers a broader choice of flash memory – 16, 64 and even 128 GB.

And, finally, cost. Surprisingly it will be lower than its predecessor. In USA SE will be sold for 399 dollars (30 thousand rubles). In Russia about this price, of course, can only dream of. In Moscow the cheapest SE model will cost 38 thousand rubles, and the most expensive – 48 thousand. This is the cheapest 6S is 50 thousand, and the most expensive – more than 70 thousand rubles.

And finally, a question which excited all the Apple fans of the fairer sex. Yes! SE will also be in pink.

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