Chaliapin son and Kalashnikova was a real hero

Сын Шаляпина и Калашниковой стал настоящим богатырем The pair has posted a family photo with their grown up baby. Future spouses Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova are preparing for the wedding. Their son was a year old. The actor and his fiancee showed heir at the request of fans.

      Сын Шаляпина и Калашниковой стал настоящим богатырем

      A year ago in the life of Prokhor Chaliapin happened the fateful event. Anna Kalashnikova gave him the first-born. Parents of a child named Daniel. The boy lives with his mother and grandmother, and his father comes to visit him. However, the complexity in the relationship of Anna and Prochorus, seems to behind. Couple showing affection to each other – Chaliapin and Kalashnikov together, attend social events, carry out a joint photo shoot. And now the star decided to show that they are great parents.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov released the first family photos with their grown up son. The picture was taken at home in the kitchen where the couple laid a festive table for the baby on the occasion of his birthday. It is noteworthy that Daniel is blond to the camera back. Apparently, parents want to protect him from unnecessary discussions. Although they explain their reticence in a different way.

      “We a year and we still don’t like to pose for the camera. Danya, happy birthday! Favorite son, rusty and raduy us! Photo at your request,” wrote Anna. “Oh, well, finally back at the Prince to see! Happy birthday, baby, be healthy and bring joy to mom and dad”, “Finally son showed! Congratulations, Beautiful photo, happy family,” commented snapshot of the subscribers Kalashnikova.

      It is worth noting that after the birth of a first child the couple has had its share of problems in the relationship. They were going to organize a wedding last year, but the celebration never took place due to mutual claims to each other. It turned out that the parents of the child do not live together. In addition, the fatherhood of Prokhor was questioned.

      We will remind, in the program “live” Chaliapin admitted that he is ready to undergo a DNA test because he doubts that his own father is Daniel. In the Studio sparked the current debate. The ex-wife of singer Larisa Kopenkina, without hesitating, said that from the beginning suspected that it is not the child Chaliapin. In the end, family squabbles nearly led to the pair’s breakup.

      Anna Kalashnikova banned Prokhor Chaliapin to see her son

      “I have no strength to endure all these scandals, – has shared with “Stricom” Anna. Every time we in the family all begins to build, we make our plans, always something breaks down and a period of complete misunderstanding. I really, really wanted and want to be with a man that dream to marry a loved one, but we didn’t. Apparently, we are too different… For our son to hear mom and dad are fighting, just horrible.”

      Fortunately, Chaliapin and Kalashnikov overcame the crisis and now are preparing for the wedding, which will take place this spring.

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