Стас Каримов: «Никому не говорю, что был на «Доме-2» The first member of telestroke tries not to advertise his involvement in the project. Stas Karimov has repeatedly offered to return to the show, but he refused. At the moment, the man works as a DJ and toured different cities.

      Стас Каримов: «Никому не говорю, что был на «Доме-2»

      Few people remember the “15 cool kids”, which first entered the perimeter of the “House-2”. Some former participants of the TV reality show managed to keep the popular 12 years after its launch. Among them was the Sun, Stepan Menschikov, Stas and Oscar Karimov. Many girls wanted to join the twin brothers on the project. Over the years, the Stas and Oscar trying not to think about their participation in the project.

      “Many believe that the visit to this project is very cool, but actually it is not, – says the “StarHit” Stas. – For example, I do not tell anyone that I was “Home” and try not to advertise it. Just indicate yourself as the hero of TNT”.
      Стас Каримов: «Никому не говорю, что был на «Доме-2»

      According to Karimov, if earlier, the show was not perfect, now esters certainly leave much to be desired. “We had a very good squad – I and now with many of the cross at various events: Sun, Roma Tretyakov, Stepan Menshikov, Sam Seleznev… And what’s happening now – complete madhouse! 7 years of not watching it, but many tell stories – horror. Would never let go of your child.”

      Interestingly, the return to the “glade” legendary composition in the face of Andrei Cherkasov, Nikita Kuznetsov, Stepan Menschikova, Rustam Solntseva and Alexander Gobozova, which took place a few years ago, the Stas not surprised. “They wanted me to return, too, for the money, but through a third party. Of course, I refused. Why is it me? “Dom-2″ is a level after which further does not jump, and I need to go ahead and develop,” – said Karimov.

      By the way, in the career of 36-year-old DJ is more than successful. Ex-member of the popular TV show not simply goes with their own programs to the regions, but also makes collaborative tracks with Dmitry Malikov, as well as collaborating with Rodion Gazmanov. “Now, however, as 10 years ago, I toured the country. Working on large events such as days of the city and at corporate events. Together with Oscar we order rarely expensive, and individually call constantly. Very happy that I left the House right at the peak”.

      By the way, was that the termination of the tour favorites TV viewers in the heroes of “House-2” was no accident. The twins did not like the disrespectful attitude of the producers of the show to the creativity and hard work of the artists.

      “We plowed on full, worked on some songs, collected huge venues, sold tickets, and in the end, after each performance we were paid about 3 thousand rubles! But after we collected the “Olympic”, and we paid the same amount of patience is over. Tired of watching as they put it in his pocket for 200 thousand, and all pay a penny, so Oscar just went and registered all of his tracks officially. Then, of course, the nightmare started: we were threatened, wanted to throw fines at $ 2 million and so on. Lucky that the right people stood up. And when all the other “Oldies” saw that we were able to get out of the contract, have done the same,” – said Stas.

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