Tatiana Arno encourages to do good deeds

Татьяна Арно призывает заниматься добрыми делами The presenter performed at the festival “Vkontakte” and spoke about the charity. Tatiana Arno presented the hospice “Faith”. Not everyone knows that for the past few years, the celebrity deals with the problems of palliative care.

      Татьяна Арно призывает заниматься добрыми делами

      In St. Petersburg the Park of the 300th anniversary of the first day of the festival “Vkontakte”. The largest social network in Europe once again gathered under its banner the best that can be found on its lands, and brought users offline. It is noteworthy that this year the subtitle of the festival was “festival only” is certainly true. Among the 350 activities could not only enjoy the performance of local stars, but also participate in master classes, presentations, chat with bloggers, sports on the Bay to watch the cosplay characters, delicious food and much more.

      Separate column in the activities of the festival is the topic of charity, on which she “Vkontakte” makes a great stop. At the festival you could see stands of large charities to review their activities, to participate in master classes. The crown of this story was the evening discussion prominent representatives of the charity in Russia, which was entitled “the Charity is just a fashion?” Among the guests of the discussion it was possible to notice and TV presenter Tatyana Arno, which in this case was represented by the hospice “Faith”. Not many people know that Arnaud for several years, along with Tatyana Drubich and Ingeborga Dapkunaite, deals with the problems of palliative care in Russia, and helps the hospice “Faith”.

      “We have a very complex issue that many are afraid to raise. We, along with the girls, with their beauty, charm try to explain: “It’s OK, this can happen to anyone”. I also think that when Vera Brezhneva at all on the program Malakhov hugging a person with HIV and it sees the whole country, all are beginning to understand that it does not need to be afraid, these people need help,” says Tatiana Arno.
      Татьяна Арно призывает заниматься добрыми делами

      Arno told that the government has more pay attention to these problems that it is very good. But about whether to engage media personality charity – according to her, it let everyone decides for himself.

      “The most important thing to do, and to join some major Fund, and to act on his behalf, or to support small – it’s the decision of every individual,” said Tatiana Arno.

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