Started shooting the second season of “Hotel Eleon”

Стартовали съемки второго сезона сериала «Отель Элеон»
Premiere of new series will take place in 2017.

Стартовали съемки второго сезона сериала «Отель Элеон»

Miloš Bykowicz and Catherine Vilkova

Photo: STS

In the second season of the new Comedy hit of the STS look
the French pastry chef Louis (Nikita Tarasov), an expert on molecular cuisine Katia (Valeria
F.) and chief expert of cleaning Ainura (Zhanyl Asanbekova). “Old” not
only help colleagues to solve love problems, but will be
witness the amazing transformations and stunning changes in the lives of the characters
“The Hotel Eleon”. In the new series, characters Gregory Sijtwende, Elena
Ksenofontova, Ekaterina Vilkova, Miloš Bykowicz, Diana Pojarskii, Sergey
Lavigine, Anna Begunova, Olga Kuzmina, and Viktor Horinyak change, jealous
starring in erotic movies, organize chases and real duel.

“The second season will be more atmospheric: we will refund favorite
characters in “the Kitchen” penetrate into the soul of heroes “of the Hotel Eleon” and get to know them
secrets, — said the Director Anton Maslov. But instead one fights and
fires of the past series comes the dangerous chase, and a memorable scene involving
animals and criminal adventure. A lot of stunts, more Comedy and
confessions — in General, you won’t be bored!”

Стартовали съемки второго сезона сериала «Отель Элеон»

Frame with shooting

Photo: STS

In the new season the title of “prima Eleona” regain Eleanor,
which after a failed marriage decides to get back to work and start a new life in
the walls of the home. The hotel owner notices one of his subordinates interesting
man tries to get all affordable and very ways. And
no matter that he already has a beloved woman, who works under the supervision

With heart Affairs is trying to understand and managing
Michael Jakovich. In favour of hotel life, he is faced not only with
eccentric guests, but he in love with women who are ready
to go to do anything to become the mistress of his heart.

“The authors always think up interesting conflicts, not
allow us, the actors bored and rest — Gregory siyatvinda. — Here
now, for example, immerse Djakovica in the world of women. If before my hero
worried about hotel problems, but now he’s not allowed to sleep
geometric shapes, which are formed with the surrounding ladies. In General, it
waiting for so much adventure that words cannot describe!”

Ekaterina Vilkova and Milos Bikovich

Photo: STS

While the Manager is busy solving love problems, his second
half changes suits on the dress and a bundle of long curls. In the new
series Sofia from the strict businesswoman turns into a feminine girl, ready
to sacrifice even its inviolable principles for love.

“If in the first season it was hard to find character
character, now I had the opportunity to look at it from the side, — says Ekaterina Vilkova. — I saw Sophia on the screen, analyzed
my job and going to add new colors. At least in the new series
she will smile more often. And do I really want my heroine
hooked the audience for long that it surprised not only us, but itself.”